Beauty Spill was created to improve the beauty industry by connecting clients and service providers together in a more efficient way.

For the client they can find beauty appointments quicker and read reviews so they can book with confidence.

For the company they can grow their client base by showcasing their work and credibility.

In a perfect world, the honest reviews from the Beauty Spill community will improve the overall beauty experience for everyone. But the world is far from perfect, and sadly that means sometimes, some people may decide to be a little petty and leave fake or unfair reviews.

We filter all reviews to remove any foul language. Once reviews are posted anyone can raise if they think a review is fake or unfair by emailing Beauty spill will then liaise with both the client and the company to reach a verdict as to whether or not the review is fake or unfair by asking the client and/or company to provide authenticating evidence. This can be anything from before and after pictures, Instagram conversations, booking confirmations etc.

If we confirm that a review is fake or unfair it will be removed from the site and the reviewer will be blocked from leaving future reviews. For more information, or to ask any questions, please contact us on